My Fashion Doppelganger Moment

Maybe it has happened to you.  It’s that moment when you walk into your office, a party, or a big event like a prom or your child’s wedding, and you see someone there wearing the EXACT SAME THING.  Eeek, it’s your fashion doppelganger!  Admittedly, this is a bigger problem for women than men. But, nevertheless, you are stuck.   There is not much you can do, so you bravely make the best of it.  I’ve found that humor helps.  I’ve also come to realize that WHO the other person is can make it a funnier or more awkward situation.
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Me and My Hair

My heritage is southern Italian.  All my life, I’ve struggled with too much hair.  Those cute dark curls I had as a little girl became increasingly problematic as I grew up. My brother quickly learned my weak spot and could bring me to tears with just a few words: “Cousin Itt”, “unibrow”, “mustache”. By the time I was in high school, I was doing daily battle. It was the late 60s and I wanted hair like Mary Travers in the folk group Peter, Paul & Mary (long, straight, optionally blonde).  Instead, I had hair like Alice the female engineer in the Dilbert comic strip (wavy and wide like a pyramid).
Alice in the Dilbert cartoon
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