You’re a goddess?  Really?  How did that happen?

It was accidental. Really. It happened one day at a time. Not overnight, not abracadabra all at once. It was a slow process and not easy. There were tears and heartache, for sure, but joy and love, too. And, it can happen to you.

You must live long enough, pay attention. Listen, absorb, think. With luck, you learn, gather wisdom, and tuck it away without realizing it. Then you begin to notice that people trust you, ask you questions, seek your advice. Sometimes, people you hardly know share their pain and personal stories. You might even start to give unasked-for advice, but I don’t recommend it.

You don’t necessarily look any different, except for age, but you’ve become a goddess…of sorts, with a very lower-case g. It can sneak up on you like that, just happen accidentally. Really.