Déjà vu haiku

If you’ve been to this website before, you might recognize these as previous header images and words on my front page.

…images (often) from the web, words by the goddess


Heart carved in wood
An empty park bench.
A lonely white heart sending
love into the void.

Petroglyphs on canyon wall in UtahPetroglyphs
Dancers, musicians,
petrified in stone. Keepsakes
from ancient cultures.

Fall colors seen from aboveAutumn Quilt
When seen from above
The hardwood trees, leaves ripe and
Ready to pluck…or fall.

Beach view from high aboveAbove the Horizon
You seek perspective?
Then travel far and return.
You, your world, both changed.

Map showing South America
Below the Equator
So south. So Latin.
Another America.
Our forgotten twin.

Argentine Tango
Move with intention.
Resist, absorb, then react
in sad, restrained defiance.

maps of the world
The siren beckons
arousing our restless souls:
“Be brave. Leave the womb.”

Autumn Leaves. Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash
Autumn. Hardwood trees
Hanging their leaves out to dry.
Colorful laundry.

Summer 2017
Sweet summer pleasures
Cold ice cream, fresh fruit, flowers
Delight my senses.

Anastasia Zhenina
As our planet warms, spring rushes into summer…
One rose perfection
Unfolding petals kissed with dew
So fragrant, I blush

jaxton stevnes
Winter in NC
Chilly, cold, or warm and wet
Changeable season

purple crocus
The cycle begins again
Reaching for sunlight,
We yearn for another chance.
Spring! Rebirth. Fresh start.

Stark winter landscape
Stark barren landscape
Trees without leaves, frozen, stiff,
Black, gray, white, and cold

Autumn approaches.
Wind whispers, rustles, and howls.
Leaves float, hover, fall.

Bright yellow faces
Stretch, reaching toward the sun.
The source of all life.

Snow falls on cedars
Inspiring a book title.
Our world air-brushed white.

layered forest
Deep layered forest,
Dark mysterious colors
Bid me to enter.

white blossoms
The forest is dressed
Ready for its christening.
Let the blessings rain.

Short days, falling leaves
Last harvest, first frost, and next…
Winter’s cold beauty

red lanterns
Red paper lanterns
Peeking between the branches
My path, my way home.