The Wonders of Portugal: Getting to the Algarve

Algarve region of Portugal
Portugal’s southern coast

After three days in Lisbon, my brave friend Katherine rented the smallest car we could find and drove us down the coast to the Algarve region, which is the southern most part of the country.

Think of it this way: if the whole country of Portugal is a face in profile looking west and Lisbon is its nose, Algarve would be its chin.

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The Wonders of Portugal: Lisbon and Sintra

At the beginning of April, I took a 9-day trip to Portugal with my dear and long-time friend Katherine.  It was originally her idea;  it was never on my radar and I wasn’t jonesing to go, so she kinda had to persuade me.  The first big wonder: WHY DID I NOT KNOW how marvelous Portugal is?

View from the Tagus River
Arco da Rua Augusta

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Honoring My Daughter’s Parents

Does this title sound strange? Perhaps you are wondering “If she is your daughter, aren’t you her parent?”  Well, [pause] yes and no. It’s a long story.

Her parents, whom I am honoring, are the ones who adopted her when she was an infant and raised her to adulthood. I was the young woman, not yet 19 years old, who birthed her and surrendered her for adoption. After holding her, feeding her, loving her for 5 days in the hospital, I dressed her in a sweater I knitted, rode with her in my arms in a NYC taxi cab, and then handed my baby, surrendered my baby, to a Catholic Charities social worker.

In adoption parlance, they are the A (adoptive) parents and I am the B (birth) mom. We never met but we became connected in this offbeat way.

adoptive parents

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