Naples: The Sacred and the Profane

Naples, which was the last stop on our recent European adventure, has a reputation for being many unsavory things: from noisy and chaotic to dirty and dangerous. My BF and I had been to the area before to tour the ancient sites at Pompeii and Herculeum but we stayed a few miles away in Sant-Antonio Abate. This time we were intent on seeing the National Archeological Museum.  We found a charming B&B with an advertised “excellent location” right nearby.  Our 2-day experience was filled with paradoxical surprises, from the sacred to the profane.
Map of Naples
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Figs: In Honor of My Grandparents

My fig treeIn 1993, I transferred jobs within IBM and moved from New York to North Carolina.  Not only did I find a much better work environment, I found a better hardiness zone for growing plants. As soon as I bought a house, I planted 2 fig trees in honor of my grandparents and all the Italian immigrants who struggled to grow figs in the northeast.
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Three Delightful Surprises in Sicily

A trip to Sicily promises many rewarding experiences; it has several UNESCO heritage sites, historically interesting architecture, fabulous food, beautiful scenery, and warm, friendly people. These are expected; you can read about them in any travel guide and I can testify that they are all wonderful, often better than anticipated. But, on our recent trip, we came across three unexpected delights, all sweet little surprises.
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