New Year Resolutions: the Worst, Best, and Next

New year, new you!!  Ah… if it was only that easy.  New year resolutions are a common way to set an intention and work toward it….at least for a while. My friend John recently posted  “I’m opening a gym called ‘Resolutions.’ It will have exercise equipment in it for the first two weeks and then it turns into a bar for the rest of the year.”  It is funny because it rings true. Statistics vary but most show that a very small percent actually fully achieve their goals and many quit trying within a month or two.  I have often been among this group.

side_split_25The worst
I have not consciously made resolutions every year, or I don’t remember them if I did.  The one that I know I failed at miserably was to learn to do a split.  I SOOO wanted to add this to my dance repertoire.  It never happened although I worked on it for several months. I got hints and tips from the web, from dance friends, gymnasts, and yogis.  I eventually decided that my personal physiology just does not allow this.

The best
One resolution that I did achieve to some degree was to improve my relationship with my sister.  It was easier to feel successful because “improvement” is a relative quality.  Even small gains felt like accomplishments. Our relationship did get better and it still continues to benefit from the seeds that were sown.

drink-more-waterThe next
I learned from this small victory to keep my resolutions in the vaguely measurable category.  This year my resolution is to DRINK MORE WATER.  My lack of fluid intake is so obvious that I’ve been called everything from a camel to a desert flower. Drinking more water should be easy to do. Water is available just about everywhere — at home all the time, at drinking fountains in public places, for free in restaurants, snack bars, and food courts.  “More” means just one more sip, slurp, or glass. And, with every single swallow I am working toward my goal. Yay!

Care to share?  What resolutions did you make and how are you progressing?

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